I give reverence and glory to God almighty!

He has truly blessed me with the spiritual gift to create food artistry, sculptured cakes, and so many other tasty treats that delight you, my loyal and supportive patrons.  

My love and passion for my spiritual gift is only surpassed by my love for my creator.

It is by His grace that I am afforded the opportunity to share with you my talents through my website.

The creative works of art on my website are mere examples of what God has instilled in me.  I humble myself for I am only a vessel of His mighty works.  

I am firm in my belief that you must be strong in your conviction, passionate in your endeavors, follow your dreams, believe that the impossible can be achieved, and above all else have faith! 

I am a babe in Christ; it is through His word that my faith and determination grow stronger each day!

I have found that life is like the weather, forever changing.
No sooner than you get through one storm, another one is coming.

Believe, truly believe that God will see you through each storm but you must have faith.  As difficult as it may seem, as devastating as the storm may be, He will never forsake you.

He has not brought me this far to leave me suspended in a cloud of despair.  
He will never put on me, more than I can bear!

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews, 11:1

May God bless you all! 
I hope you enjoy my portfolio;thank you for viewing my website, 
  "Cake Man Ron".   
    Food Network  "Cake Wars" Winner!
           Season 1/Episode 8 - Girl Scouts        

contact number: (310) 909-4667                              email: info@cakemanron.com
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